When registering a job change support service provided by Talenty Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Talenty”), please register after accepting the below terms of service (Hereinafter referred to as is “This TOS”):

1 (Definition)

The words used in This TOS will be defined as follows:

a. Job change support service

Job change support service is a common name for services such as a comparison between the application information received from users and the recruitment conditions that companies need to recruit, providing listing information, job search and additional job information, job change advice or direct interview, job change support by career counselors, application representatives, scouts from recruiting companies Use instructions (only in case users have their own requirements), instructions for using other services operated by Talenty.

b. User

The person who applied for job change support services and Talenty accepted and started providing job change support services. When a user registers or uses a job change support service, the user is deemed to have accepted all terms of use and all the “privacy policy”. When not accepted, it is considered as not registering or not using the job change support service.

c. Recruitment company

Are the companies that entrust Talenty to introduce the human resources they want to recruit based on a separate employment support service agreement signed with Talenty

d. Scout

Recruitment companies review posted information such as resumes and personal information that users have posted on job change support services and set up tracking mode (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Registration Information”). This is an optional service that allows you to receive detailed job offers, sent in case it is determined that the recruiting company is qualified.

e. Talenty personal service guide

It is Talenty’s consideration of registered user information and usage history of job change support services, etc. (Including, but not limited to, page views on websites, application history, Talenty referral history to recruitment agencies, process, status, success / failure of job change activities through job change support, hereinafter referred to as “Usage History.”) based on Talenty’s prudent judgment, Talenty guides users about the content, functions and use of individual services managed and operated by Talenty.

f. Talenty’s job change support website

Internet websites related to the management and operation of Talenty are as follows:

2. (How to register)

Applications for job change support service must be made in the manner specified by Talenty on Talenty’s job changing, brochures or other advertising websites. However, even after you have signed up, but if you have previously violated Talenty’s terms of service, Talenty cannot provide job change support service or any of Talenty’s services.

3. (Service provision)

Talenty will provide the following appropriate services to users at Talenty’s discretion:

  1. Combine application details received from users with job conditions received from recruiting companies and provide job information based on appropriate results
  2. A job offer for a user that Talenty determines is highly appropriate for recruiting conditions received from a recruiting company.
  3. Representatives apply
  4. Provide job change advice or direct interview
  5. Job change support by career counselors
  6. All other services that Talenty deems useful for changing jobs (including instructions for using Talenty’s individual services)

4. (Time to provide support job change support services)

Job change support will continue to be provided as long as Talenty determines that the user is willing to continue the job change operation and is expected to have a suitable job for the user, but among Service items provided in item d and e above will be provided up to 3 months from the date of service start notice for each user. In addition, if a user enters the employment agency through a job-changing support service during the time of service provision, the job change support service will be terminated for the user on the date of coming to work. Even when a request to terminate a job change support service from the user is received, it will be terminated promptly within reasonable scope.

5. (Change / interruption / termination of job change support service)

In case of business unavoidable, Talenty may change all or part of the job changing support service (including changes in the designated career advisor) or suspend only without notice to the user. Furthermore, all or part of a job change support service may be terminated after a specified notice period.

6. (Reasons for termination of job change support service)

Talenty may terminate the job change support service without any notice to the user in case any of the following problems occur with the user.

  1. When users violate the items specified in this TOS.
  2. When not responding to Talenty’s contact without reasonable cause
  3. When constantly making requests that exceed the scope of Job change support services.
  4. In other cases, Talenty determines that the trust relationship between users and Talenty cannot be maintained.

7. (Privacy policy)

Talenty will collect, use, provide and manage users’ personal information appropriately according to the Privacy policy.

8. (Authenticity of personal information)

Users will provide accurate personal information to Talenty and the recruiting company without any errors or defects. If the personal information provided by the user is incorrect and if there is any objection, claim or claim from the recruiting company or other third parties due to inadequacy or errors in the content. , You will be responsible for it at your own expense and responsibility and will ensure that Talenty will not be affected by any disturbance.

9. (Submit documents)

Users must quickly submit the following documents when Talenty requests:

  1. Personal documents to identify and identify users such as full name, address, etc.
  2. Certificate of employment status or residence card to determine the status of residence
  3. Other documents required by the recruiting company

10. (Matching with job offers)

Talenty will compare the registration information received from users with the recruitment conditions that the recruiting company wants, but will not be able to convey the test criteria or reason for judgment. In addition, even when receiving a job request from a user, the results of the assessment of compliance with the recruitment requirements related to the selection criteria provided by the recruitment company, will have a situation that Talenty does not have a job offer, and the employer informs you on its behalf that it does not meet the job requirements.

11. (Working conditions)

Talenty will contact you at the user’s request to confirm the employment conditions and other contract details of the recruiting company, but if the user directly confirms the working conditions and contract details. Different from the recruiting company, which is the responsibility of the user and sign the contract afterward. You acknowledge that Talenty has disclosed the terms of employment but does not guarantee the details of the final employment contract.

12. (Password management)

If Talenty has issued a password related to job change support services, you must use, manage and in any case the password is not used or transferred to a third party.

13. (Prohibited items)

Users shall not perform the following acts:

  1. Conduct of providing false or inaccurate personal information to Talenty or recruiting companies.
  2. Conduct that harms the reputation or the social reputation or interferes with the business and operations of Talenty.
  3. Abusive, slandering, or abusive behavior of other users, Talenty or employees of recruiting companies or any other party involved in Talenty’s professional activities (hereinafter referred to as “related parties”)
  4. Trademark infringement, honor, trade secrets, all other intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademark rights owned by Talenty or related parties.
  5. Use information obtained through job change support services for purposes other than job change, or disclosure or disclosure to third parties without Talenty’s consent.
  6. Direct contact, entry into or employment with recruiting companies has been introduced through job change support without Talenty’s recognition.
  7. Acts such as quitting a job after accepting a job offer, being unable to contact before the interview, screening, or face-to-face interview without reasonable cause.
  8. Violations of law or public order and morals

14. (Fact confirmation with recruiting company)

During the recruiting process, if Talenty finds that there is a risk of information about working conditions and other contract details notified by the recruiting company and the information reported by the user may be inconsistent. We will confirm the fact with the recruiting company.

15. (Information processing)

Talenty processes information other than personally identifiable information among the user’s personal information and registration information, etc., and can be used on various media edited and published by Talenty. In this case, Talenty retains all copyrights and other property rights related to the information used in various media and others.

16. (Use of information)

Whether before or after the end of the job change support service, the user accepts that Talenty is allowed to use historical analysis of the Job change support service, such as user registration information  registered by a user of a job change support service that identifies or does not identify individuals, reflected in the services, functions, information, etc. provided by job change support services and individual services that users want to use or use for job transition services and personal services.

17. (Removing anti-social forces)

Users must commit in the future that you are not part of anti-social forces (A gang, a gang member, someone who is not a gang member under 5 years, a terrorist gang member, a gang company, an extremist council, an extreme social movement, etc.) and do not engage in illegal acts such as violence, fraud island / threat and business disruption. In the event of a breach of such a statement, we will accept the termination of providing support services to change jobs without a protest.

18. (Disclaimer)

Users are not guaranteed to change their jobs by using the job change support service, and in the event of disputes with the recruiting company regarding working conditions and other contracts, the user will be responsible for the discussion with the recruiting company. The job change support service shall be used after consenting to the above resolution. Talenty is also liable for damages incurred by the user as a result of using the job change support service, or for damages that are directly and normally caused by Talenty if negligence occurs. However, Talenty are not responsible for any other damage. However, this does not apply if damage has occurred due to Talenty’s willful or gross negligence.

19. (Force Majeure)

If delivery of job change support services is delayed or becomes difficult or cannot be continued due to natural disasters, network incidents, or viral damage cannot be prevented by means of countermeasures- Withdrawals are usually made or other reasons not attributed to Talenty, Talenty will not be responsible for any damages incurred.

20. (Liability for compensation)

If a user violates each section of this TOS and damages Talenty, its affiliates or third parties, the user will be liable for damages.

21. (Change this TOS)

Talenty may change the contents of this TOS as necessary. The revised content will be posted on a specific website linked from the front page of the Talenty job change support website. Users continue to use the job changing support service one month after posting, as if they agreed with the content of this TOS after the change.

22. (The items are not specified)

Issues which are not specified in this TOS will be resolved in good faith between users and Talenty in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.